​The repeat offenders


"I think I'm most proud of the fact that I have figured out how to exist as both a creative person and artist, and a businesswoman and manager. Because those two things do not go together.”  ~ Shonda Rhimes

So it’s hard to be an artist and be true to the reality of the world you want to create and also make it entertaining and successful financially. ~ Antoine Fuqua

We want to see our lives dramatized on the screen as we are living it, the same as other people, the world over. ~ Oscar Micheaux

I make a film like I cook for friends. I hope they like it, but if they don’t, I’m prepared to enjoy it all by myself. ~ Melvin Van Peebles

“…I wanted to tell a story that was authentic to African American culture – authentic to the point where it was not like something you could turn on the television and see. I wanted it to be more like a foreign film and so deeply into the culture that it appeared to be foreign.”

Julie Dash, Director (DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST, the first feature film by a Black woman to be released theatrical in the U.S. in 1991.)

“I made films to respond to my own hunger first, but in the process I found people’s hunger for those stories too” ~Haile Gerima 

to be inspired is great to INSPIRE is incredible! 

Writer | Directer | Producer

“An artist must be free to choose what he does, certainly, but he must also never be afraid to do what he might choose.”    Langston Hughes

Being an entrepreneur and Filmmaker both require creativity which is brought to life through collaborations.

  deatra L. harris 

FIlmmaker  |  global strategist |  entrepreneur