deatra L. harris 

FIlmmaker  |  global strategist |  entrepreneur

  A Minor & The Culture of Heroes
        Animated Feature film and docu-series

A Minor & the Culture of Heroes is an animated feature film and animated docu-series that has the social commentary of The Boondocks, the musical journey of the Blues Brothers and is as culturally authentic as Beat Street, Breakin’ and Wild Style. 

In this Animated Feature Film, Legendary Jazz Musician Melvin Minor’s Creative Arts & Music School is set on fire and his granddaughter is framed for the crime by his Jazz purist nemesis, Fat Cat Jackson.  Melvin and his family, with the help of his superhero Hip Hop and Jazz legend friends, set out on a musical journey through the boroughs of New York City to free his granddaughter and other Hip Hop artists being arrested.   However, time is running out as Fat Cat Jackson, who controls all the systems of government, is determined to kill Hip Hop music and its culture forever.    


Hip Hop & Jazz  Legends:  Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, Dres Black Sheep, Royal Flush, DJ Red Alert, Large Professor, MC Shan, Sparky D,  Ken Ford, Tom Browne and MANY, MANY MORE!!  


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