deatra L. harris 

FIlmmaker  |  global strategist |  entrepreneur

“As a Filmmaker and Global Strategist I execute visions.”

                                                             ~  Deatra L. Harris 

   WHO AM I?

          Writer * Directer * Producer


About Deatra

Deatra L. Harris has nearly 10 years of experience writing, directing and producing short films and commercials that have shown in festivals across the US and Internationally.  Deatra wrote, produced and directed the award-­winning short film “ What About Us?” and co-­produced the critically acclaimed Independent Film “Kinyarwanda" which garnered many festival awards including the prestigious Sundance World Cinema Audience Award in 2011.  Currently, Deatra is developing A Minor & The Culture of Heroes, an animated feature film and animated docu-series project, a documentary series entitled, Once Upon A Time In Queens, and is the lead writer on several hour-long dramatic television series for EbonyLife TV, a major cable network out of Lagos, Nigeria.  

As a scholar, Deatra continues to bring keen insight into establishing a global presence in the film industry by establishing key relationships. She utilizes technology, marketing, and creative thinking to identify potential markets and viable distribution opportunities to create options for financial growth and sustainability.  

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Deatra is currently a Ph.D. Student at Pepperdine University’s Global Leadership and Change Program.  She holds a Masters of Science degree in Marketing with a certificate in Brand and Consumer Management, and a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in Computer Information Systems.  

Deatra is Founder and Executive Director of FEED Worldwide, an organization whose mission is to  “Build a global community of creative entrepreneurs”.  

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